In the Fermentation module, bioconversions are processed by means of micro-organisms (bacteria, yeasts or fungi) or enzymes to obtain the desired product.


The Fermentation Pilot Plant is equipped with four 100 l, four 300 l, 1 m3 and 4 m3 stirred vessels which can be used for batch or fed-batch processes. An 8m3 bubble column fermentor can handle batch or fed batch type fermentations. The 300 l and 4 m3 fermentors havededicated feeding capabilities. Mixing is applied by speed controlled Rushton turbine stirrers. The 10 l lab fermentors are intended for initial fermentation tests on a small scale and for fermentation tests of feedstocks that have been treated in the bench scale pretreatment unit.


The Fermentation Pilot Plant is equipped with a disc centrifuge, which can handle the broth of the 4 m3 fermentor and the 8 m3 bubble column. The centrifuge is located in the ATEX zone.


Flammable materials can be used in the designated ATEX zones (T3) of the Fermentation Pilot Plant, including in the four 300 l and the 4 m3 fermentors and, in the future, the 8 m3 bubble column.