Downstream Processing

In the Downstream Processing (DSP) pilot plant products can be extracted and refined. The BPF can handle biofuels and (bio)chemicals.

In addition, we are also experienced in handling products from the food and pharmaceutical industry.


Our technical range includes (membrane) filtration, centrifugation, homogenization, (bio)chemical conversions, chromatography, crystallization, electrodialysis, extraction, evaporation, formulation and various drying methods. Numerous vessels (ranging from 60 l to 4 m3, with different material properties and capabilities)are available for a variety of process steps.

External equipment

For the execution of a specific project, it might be required that the client wants to test his own equipment or that equipment needs to be externally rented. In addition, it may occur that the available equipment needs some modification. According to the wishes of the client, the above activities can be performed.


The designated ATEX zones (T3) allow the use of flammable materials such as solvents throughout the downstream processing plant.