BPF Equipment

BPF has a broad range of equipment to support biotechnology process development at both lab- and pilot scale. We also do have the capability to set-up and run at demo scale for longer periods in a 24/5 mode.

Pretreatment & Hydrolysis

  • Biomass pretreatment at batch scale (2-4 kg)
  • Biomass pretreatment at continuous scale (1000 kg/day)
  • Enzymatic hydrolysis ranging from lab to pilot scale (lab – 9000 L)


  • Fully compliant ATEX Fermentation from lab to pilot scale (10 L – 4000 L)
  • FSSC and ATEX compliant Food Fermentation from lab to pilot scale (4 L – 2000 L)

Downstream Processing / Purification

  • Fully compliant ATEX DSP on lab and pilot scale (covering all key purification / product recovery technologies)
  • FSSC and ATEX compliant DSP (covering key food purification / product recovery technologies)

Chemical Conversion

  • Fully ATEX compliant chemical reactors & vessels for chemical conversions
  • Both standard and glass lined vessels, ranging from 250 L to 4000 L

Download our equipment list for a more detailed overview of all capabilities.