What do we offer?

The BPF… a unique venture with over 100 years of experience in Fermentation and Downstream Processing.
  • A large variety of scales, technologies and unit operations – covering the full supply chain from a large variety of biomasses to end product;
  • A long-standing historical track record in bio-process piloting (Fermentation and DSP) including kg-production of material for pre-marketing, pre-clinical, tox or application testing;
  • Hands-on, professional know-how and experience with scaling up and scaling down of bio-processes;
  • Proven experience with working under GMP- and food quality regimes, resulting in reliable engineering as well as process/product data;
  • Perfect embedding in a strong (knowledge) infrastructure and perfect fit with regional developments: the Biotech Campus Delft;
  • Open access, confidentiality & IP remains with client.

BPF operates based on the process of the client

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Trained and experienced personnel