In 2012 Bioprocess Pilot Facility BV (BPF) was established. BPF offers customers the facility to products that have been developed in a laboratory environment to scale to a production environment.

BPF shall ensure that the pre-treatment, fermentation and purification processes and products will be qualitatively and quantitatively optimal.

In 2014 the facilities have been expanded with a pretreatment pilot plant and a foodgrade pilot plant. BPF is now able to use biomass as a feedstock for biobased applications. BPF is distinguished by its high-quality knowledge, unique techniques and quality.

BPF currently has 33 employees and has the ambition to grow. Besides professional BPF is also a flat and informal organization with a lot of room for development, deployment and initiative. In order to grow we are looking for smart, flexible and powerful colleagues with ambition (f / m).

To realize the growth ambition and success of our company we are looking for an experienced, hands-on and pro-active people.