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  • Bioprocess Pilot Facility Maria Cuellar Soares pt 2012 3

    The Bioprocess Pilot Facility to a bio-based economy

    Many developments in the production of chemicals, materials and fuels from renewable materials are currently being made on laboratory scale...

  • Fluids Processing, September 2012

    Our success determines the success of other companies in the coming years to convert biomass into commercial products.

  • Steam explosion of Miscanthus at bench scale


    An acid impregnated steam explosion pretreatment study for elephant grass biomass on bench scale at the BPF


Brochures / leaflets

  • BPF Module 1 Pretreatment

    BPF Module 1 | Pretreatment and Hydrolysis

    In this module, dry and wet residues can be pretreated, hydrolysed and prepared for the fermentation phase.

  • BPF Module 2 Fermentation

    BPF Module 2 | Fermentation

    In the Fermentation module, bioconversions are processed by means of micro-organisms (bacteria, yeasts or fungi) or enzymes to obtain the desired product.

  • BPF Module 3 Downstream Processing

    BPF Module 3 | Downstream Processing

    In this module products are extracted, purified and isolated from the (fermentation) process stream. The unit operations can be combined at the client’s request to
    obtain the desired product.

  • BPF Module 4 Food Grade

    BPF Module 4 | Food Grade

    In a dedicated area, processes and products requiring a food-grade quality can be prepared.

  • BPF Portfolio Overview Folder

    Bioprocess Pilot Facility for innovations in Sustainable Bioprocesses.

  • BPF folder

    BPF Brochure | A4 folded | Short version

    The Bioprocess Pilot Facility B.V. (BPF), situated at the Biotech Campus Delft, the Netherlands, is a unique open access facility where companies and knowledge institutions can develop new sustainable production processes. These processes serve many purposes, such as converting bio-based residues into useful chemicals or fuels. The facility has been specifi cally designed to enable the transition from laboratory to industrial scale.

  • BPF infographic UK

    BPF Infographic UK version

    Bioprocess Pilot Facility for innovations in Sustainable Bioprocesses.

  • BPF infographic NL

    BPF Infographic NL versie

    Delftse proeffaciliteit voor innovaties in duurzame processen.

  • Nederlandse samenvatting BP

    BPF Samenvatting NL versie

    Stap voor stap maken vele landen in de wereld een overgang van fossiele grondstoffen naar andere grondstoffen.


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