About the BPF

The Bioprocess Pilot Facility has been founded based on an emerging economy concerning both a bio-based society and environment.

In the Bioprocess Pilot Facility (BPF) companies and knowledge institutions can develop novel, sustainable and environmentally friendly production processes based on biological materials (called ‘biomass’). For example, processes to convert agricultural waste into biofuels. The BPF is especially designed to enable the step-up from laboratory scale to industrial scale. Users can couple separate modules to investigate and develop their own processes. Another important aspect of the facility is to provide training and education.

Bio-based economy

Finite supplies of fossil fuels and raw materials, climate change issues and our dependence on oil urge our society to start using renewable, ‘green’ resources for the production of chemicals, materials and fuels. These resources are biological materials such as agricultural waste or plant materials, which cause less pollution and are available in infinite amounts.


The processes used to produce chemicals, materials and fuels out of biomaterials are called bioprocesses. By switching to such processes we can move from a fossil-based economy towards a bio-based economy. Research on bioprocesses is mostly done on a laboratory scale. However, do these processes behave the same way on larger scales? This question has to be dealt with before companies can begin to scale-up new processes and eventually apply them on an industrial scale.