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Pilot testing with novel bioreactor at BPF

The BPF has enabled the demonstration of in-situ recovery technology for compounds produced by fermentation. Delft University of Technology and Delft Advanced Biorenewables (DAB) developed a proprietary reactor concept to...

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Sander MOOC
Industrial Biotechnology course

Do you want to learn the basics of sustainable processing and scale up for biobased products?

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Leaf foto
Leaf Recources Limited

Leaf Resources Limited is pleased to report that phase 2 of the Integrated Demonstration Study (IDS) at Bioprocess Pilot Facility B.V.

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Green Pallets2
Green pellets: A novel and efficient concept for the value chain towards lignocellulosic sugars

Back in 2016 project Green Pellets was started with the idea for the concept of pelletising specially pretreated biomass for the biorefinery value chain.

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Global Bioenergies 2
Succesful Scale Up for Global Bioenergies

BPF successfully carried out the C3 process which enables the production of renewable isopropanol and acetone, at demo plant scale for its customer Global Bioenergies.

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BPF is part of the newly started EU project "BioCatPolymers". A 3-year project in which the whole value chain from feedstock to polymer will be demonstrated. The main objective of BioCatPolymers is to demonstrate a cost-effective, sustainable and efficient cascade technological route to produce monomers for versatile high-value polymers.

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Agrimax, a review

Processing, valorization and application of bio-waste derived compounds from potato, tomato, olive and cereals.

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