Scale-up for project BioCatPolymers has started at BPF

CAV kolommen

The BioCatPolymers project is half-way its 3-year period and the scale-up tasks at the BPF have started this month. This project comprises enzymatic hydrolysis, sugar syrup production, fermentation and downstream processing. The BPF can develop, scale-up and demonstrate a process such as this across the whole value chain and support the whole development trajectory.

The BioCatPolymers project focusses on a process from a residual biomass all the way to monomers for important polymers for the European market. BPF has been working on the process to produce mevalonolactone (MVL) with Visolis BV, while CERTH has the task of catalytic conversion of MVL towards isoprene and 3-MPD. Covestro will be polymerising monomers to yield functional polyurethanes for multiple applications.

After several months of lab-scale and bench-scale experiments at BPF and its partners, the whole process chain to produce MVL is now executed at the 300 liter and 4000 liter fermentation scale. The first sugar syrup with excellent specifications was produced today.

Thanks to the whole team at BPF and BioCatPolymers partners for this great result!