Pilot testing with novel bioreactor at BPF

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The BPF has enabled the demonstration of in-situ recovery technology for compounds produced by fermentation. Delft University of Technology and Delft Advanced Biorenewables (DAB) developed a proprietary reactor concept to produce and separate these compounds in one single process step.
Since June 2017, a 100-liter reactor prototype owned by DAB is situated at the BPF. Several pilot runs have been performed with this bioreactor, which are part of the commercialisation of this new reactor. A photo of this reactor is shown.

The benefits of the integrated separation system are yield improvement, scalability, production cost reduction of 20-30% as well as the environmental impact reduction of CO2 emission by 60%. The reactor concept provides solutions for large scale fermentations as in the food or biofuel sector.

This year the next phase of this project was started and the project team continue their effort to work on the development of this technology, with applications in many different fermentation processes and production methods.

Testing novel reactors and perform processes in new equipment setups are key elements of BPF’s services. Please get in contact with us to learn more about BPF’s services around testing of novel equipment.

BPF also features in DAB’s technology video, which can be found here: https://vimeo.com/222648404