Green pellets: A novel and efficient concept for the value chain towards lignocellulosic sugars

Green Pallets2

Back in 2016 project Green Pellets was started with the idea for the concept of pelletising specially pretreated biomass for the biorefinery value chain. Two years of developments have led to great results and a patent application. This summer a campaign of pellets from various feedstocks were processed at the BPF. Produced Green Pellets are shown in the picture.

BPF joined the project through the BE-basic foundation and TU Delft. The project is headed by start-up green technologies company Viride BV.

BPF has employed its lab, bench and pilot equipment to process and analyze different feedstocks for this project. The BPF facilities are very suitable for this early stage innovative development. Small scale tests showed very promising sugar yields from the Green Pellets The lower logistic costs of having a higher bulk density of the feedstock as well as a high storage stability (moisture resistance) have thus a benefit in the total value chain enabling biorefineries in industrialized areas such as North West Europe to source cost effective biomass from remote locations.