BioCatPolymers - EU demonstration project for sustainable conversion of biomass to polymers.

BPF is part of the newly started EU project "BioCatPolymers". A 3-year project in which the whole value chain from feedstock to polymer will be demonstrated. The main objective of BioCatPolymers is to demonstrate a cost-effective, sustainable and efficient cascade technological route to produce monomers for versatile high-value polymers.

This Horizon 2020 project was selected during the 2017 round of bidding as the top-rated project from all submissions! There is a strong consortium of institutes, industry and technology providers that will demonstrate this new technology.

In the consortium BPF collaborates with 6 partners from all over Europe. They are: CERTH (Greece), Visolis (UK/USA/Netherlands), SEKAB (Sweden), PDC (Netherlands), Quantis (Switzerland) and Covestro (Germany).

BPF is proud to do the scale-up of this project, which will involve hydrolysis, fermentation and downstream processing. We are very happy to contribute to this great project with these outstanding partners.

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The BioCatPolymers project has received funding from the Horizon 2020 Programme of the EU, under Grant Agreement No 760802.